May 21, 2022
Now a days, with the division between old school and new school, online vs. live, and math vs. feel, it seems very few poker pros are able to be highly respected across the whole spectrum of our diverse poker playing community. Yet somehow, and most would say for obvious reasons, Daniel Negreanu seems to have a knack for transcending all poker demographics. Perhaps this is because Daniel has always given players unprecedentedly honest access to his life and his theories on the game - whether through his highly read poker blog, his FullContact Poker forum, his work with his sponsor, or through his books and newspaper articles, it seems no player in the game is more willing to get out there and help players improve than Negreanu. Yet all of that seems to have been the tip of the iceberg with the launching of Daniel's newest and highly anticipated project,

With, Daniel claims to be opening up his "entire play book" for the serious poker student to learn. Whether they be brand new to the game or an old grizzled pro, Negreanu believes this new site will be invaluable to players unwilling to be left behind the curve.

Not only will members of have access to all of Daniel's wisdom in a new and interactive format, but they will also have access to some of the biggest names in the online community as well. It seems has enlisted the help of some of the biggest name on the real and virtual felt including, Adam Junglen, BoostedJ, Paul Wasicka, JC Alvarado, Annette Obrestad, and "the math guy" Professor Charley Swayne.

With this incredible pool of talent behind him, along with his own amazing list of accomplishments too numerous to mention, Daniel Negreanu's looks to be all that we were hoping it would be and more.

Our man here at, "the Pokerazzi" Justin Shronk, is already waist deep in the new site, checking out all the features, taking the online exams, and generally just acting like a kid in a candy store. As soon as he's done playing, you can expect to read a complete review of PokerVT from top to bottom. Currently the verdict is still out, but something tells me he's really going to like it.

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