Things Wrap Up In New Orleans
May 22, 2022
The Bayou Poker Classic, the last World Series Of Poker Circuit Event before the big dance, has come to an end. Nick Ceci took down the title and took home the cash and WSOP ring. Ceci banked a $382,928 win after a lightning fast final table that saw seven players eliminated in the first 50 hands. One of those players eliminated, sadly, was last year's champion Lou Esposito, who was desperately short stacked and only able to make it to sixth place money. Esposito earned $59,833, which probably seemed quite insufficient after being so close to making history as a back-to-back champion.

The final table finish positions for the WSOP-C Bayou Poker Classic were as follows:

1st. Nick Ceci-$382,928
2nd. Timothy Miles-$210,610
3rd. Floyd Vanderford-$107,699
4th. Gabriel Costner-$83,766
5th. Jeff Tims-$71,799
6th. Lou Esposito-$59,833
7th. Chuck Kelly-$47,866
8th. Ed Jatho-$35,900
9th. Marc Fratter-$23,933

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