Do It For The Monkeys!
May 22, 2022
There's a special $10 NL Hold 'em tournament coming up on Full Tilt Poker this Sunday (May 25) that everyone should consider playing in.

The event is called the "Save Captive Chimps" charity poker tournament and is being hosted by WSOP Main Event final tabler Lee Watkinson. This special event has a $5 + $5 buy-in with half of the proceeds going to the Cortland Brandenberg Foundation, an organization dedicated to rescuing abused or neglected chimpanzees. The Foundation relocates the animals to sanctuaries, the newest of which is being built in Watkinson's home state of Washington.

Players who choose to enter the event will not only have a chance to win some cash while helping a worthy cause, but could also possibly win a brand new Curtis & Co. watch, as Curtis & Co. is the official sponsor of the event.

To play in the tournament, players must first download the free FullTilt Poker software if they haven't already. New members, if they wish to help even more, can enter the referral code "AnimalLovers" while registering for the site, to help ensure that the Cortland Brandenberg Foundation is able to continue their important work.

The tournament goes off at 9PM EST on Sunday, May 25th. If you decide to play, don't be surprised to see many Red Full Tilt pros sitting at your table, as it is expected that quite a few plan to support Watkinson and this extremely worthy cause. So quit monkeyin' around and get in the tournament!
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