The "Road Report" Has Launched!
May 25, 2022
With PokerRoad Radio about to explode into the stratosphere at this summer's WSOP, the guys at the show (mostly shronk) wanted a place to post information about the show. So, if we get a bunch of emails on the same topic (i.e. the 450,000 "What's the song you guys play right after the guest interview?" emails we get), I'll post it on the Road Report.

Other stuff like: pics from the show or events, sound bytes, video links, pictures of Sebok sleeping - you know, the usual.

We'll try to get some kind of post up everyday, but I'm not makin' any promises.

We also have the beginnings of a plan for a fan meet & greet party at a bar in the Rio. All the guys have tentatively told me that they will be in attendance, and we'll giving away PokerRoad gear, having dumb contests, and people will be paying me minuscule amounts of money to do extremely embarassing or disgusting things to myself.

Check out the Road Report by clicking here: The Road Report OR there is a button link on the PR Radio page just above all the hosts faces. (see below)

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