Sweden May Open Up Their Online Gambling Monopoly
May 28, 2022
Sweden is not well loved by all the members of the European Union. Many in the EU feel Sweden's gambling laws do not allow for equal opportunity, and it is becoming more and more likely that Swedish representatives will soon have to appear before the European Court of Justice to try to justify their seemingly protectionist policies. In an attempt to calm this sea of controversy, it has been reported that Sweden may be considering selling off what they call their "less addictive" gambling services. The services which may become privatized as a result include poker, sports betting, and state-run lotteries.

Although this is all still relatively speculative, already private companies have begun to wade into the Swedish market, hoping they will be able to gain a foothold, once the market is officially available. It is not yet clear how Sweden will respond to these somewhat premature trespasses.

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