This Year's Series Brings Many Changes
May 28, 2022
With the 39th annual World Series of Poker Presented by Milwaukee's Best Light almost upon us, Harrah's Entertainment wants you to be aware of a few things. Not only does Harrah's want to remind you of the historic changes being made to the Main Event this year (that being the Final Table starting 117 days later than usual), but they also want you to be aware of numerous other changes which players may find helpful to know.

For instance, this year there will be separate entrances for players and spectators, their will be a new concierge service for players, there will be no "Poker Pavilion," there will be more restrooms, more food options, and the payout area will be combined with the cage to speed up the payout process.

These changes and many more, may surprise and please players when they walk into the Rio at the end of this month and Harrah's strongly urges players to be aware of them and to read through the newly revised rules of conduct, which can be found at

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