More Evidence That Vegas May Be In Trouble
May 29, 2022
The Nevada Gaming Control Board has released it's gaming revenue numbers for March, 2008, and so far things aren't looking that great for Sin City. The numbers show, among other things, overall state revenues down -1.52% compared to last year during this same period.

Although some areas in Nevada did show increases in revenue, most notably the North Vegas area, traditionally strong revenue areas like The Strip are showing dramatic losses (The Strip numbers were down -4.82%). The fee collection numbers for April, which were released by the Gaming Control Board, also don't paint a rosy picture for Nevada's biggest industry. Fee collections for the month of April were down more than 10% from last year (-11.11%).

These numbers, coupled with generally poor earnings reports from most of Nevada's biggest gambling companies, show a state in some serious trouble and desperate for a successful tournament season this summer.

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