Patrik Antonius Joins Team Full Tilt
June 2, 2022
God, I hate Patrik Antonius. You may think I'm only saying that out of jealousy... and of course you'd be right. Not only does Antonius have success, money, looks, fame, and a sexy European accent that makes women swoon, but now he's also the newest member of Team Full Tilt. Damnit Patrik! Leave something for the rest of us!

In all honesty, Patrik has earned much of what he has. Antonius is a proven force in the big game at the Bellagio, and is a feared competitor at the highest stakes online. He has also proven himself on the tournament circuit, with over $1.7 million in tournament winnings along with numerous final tables, and even a European Poker Tour win under his belt (the EPT Baden Classic). None of this is lost on the big wigs at Full Tilt Poker, who apparently have been hoping to sign Antonius for some time now.

"Patrik Antonius is a young rising star in the poker world who has shown he will be a force for decades to come... We're thrilled to have Patrik join Team Full Tilt." -Howard Lederer

Patrik Antonius truly seems to have it all, but don't expect him to rest on his laurels. With the 2008 World Series Of Poker less than a week old, Patrik has already made his first final table. For those keeping score, that's one out of one, with 53 events left to go. Pretty scary huh? With results like that, something tells me I soon won't be the only guy in the Amazon Room who deep down kind of hates Patrik Antonius.

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