WASSUP '08: "Edog" Gets His Bracelet
June 5, 2022
One question is often asked at this time of year by media types like myself - "Whose the best poker player never to have won a bracelet?" Some folks say Gus Hansen, a few say Patrik Antonius, but almost all the rest inevitably say Erick "Edog" Lindgren. This happily is no longer the case. Last night during Event #4, the $5,000 Mixed Hold'em, Erick finally won his bracelet, defeating a final table full of sharks and taking home a first place prize of $374,500.

Howard Lederer, Justin Bonomo, David Williams, Andre "good2cu" Robl, Roland de Wolfe, and Issac Haxton - sounds more like a Poker After Dark Deathmatch than a final table lineup, and yet this was actually a list of just six of the eight dangerous pros E-dog was going to have to somehow take down to win his first bracelet. Erick eventually found himself heads-up against internet superstar Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo. Bonomo has also never won a bracelet and he seemed very determined to change this, starting the heads-up match with more chips than Lindgren and the momentum of knocking out the third place finisher, Andrew Robl, who went home with $144,337.

Unfortunately for Bonomo, Lindgren was in the zone, winning numerous hands in a row and taking the chip lead away in the process. On the final hand, all the chips got in the middle when Bonomo pushed with two pair, only two get rolled over by Lindgren's Ace-to-5 wheel. Bonomo took home $230,259 for second place, and as a parting gift was given the monkey that Lindgren had been carrying on his back for so long. "Whose the best player never to have won a bracelet?" Justin Bonomo. Yeah, that has a nice ring to it.

For story in it's entirety, please visit the Independent Online Poker Authority, Click here, to check out Eric "Edog" Lindgren as today's featured guest on PokerRoad Radio.
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