Bodog Announces, Poker Weekly Update Appreciation Freeroll (4)
June 5, 2022
That's right kids, Bodog, the official sponsor of PokerRoad's Poker Weekly Update, is offering a brand new opportunity for fans of the show to win some free cash. The Poker Weekly Update Appreciation FreeRoll will take place on Monday, June 9th at 7:05 pm EST at, and Americans are welcome to play!

To enter this completely free tournament, all you need to do is sign-up for the PokerRoad Newsletter (or be a current subscriber) which is where you'll get the password for the event and all the other relevant information.

You will of course also have to have a Bodog account set up if you don't already, but that's easy enough; Just click on the Bodog banner on the Poker Weekly Update home page , where you'll be guided through the process of registering.

Prizes for the Poker Weekly Update Appreciation FreeRoll will include, "Bodog Tournament Credits," PokerRoad Swag, Bodog Swag, and a guaranteed prize pool of $100 bucks.

To sign up for the PokerRoad Newsletter Click Here.

To sign up for a Bodog account, click the Bodog Banner at the top of the Poker Weekly Update home page , and check out a few episodes while you're there.

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