WASSUP '08: Event #7 The Battle Of The Trans
June 6, 2021
Another final table is set for today, and this one should be a real powder keg. The final table for Event #7, the $2,000 No-Limit Hold'em, features some of the best and most aggressive "Trans" in the game including J.C. Tran and chip leader Theo Tran. The table almost had a third deadly Tran in Thong "Jimmy" Tran, but Tran busted just short in 12th place along with Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf (15th) and Manelic Minaya (10th).

Your name doesn't have to be Tran to be a threat at today's final table; other tough competitors still in the mix include Shannon Shorr, Matt Keikoan, Alex Bolotin, and two time WSOP bracelet winner Chris Bjorin.

All eyes today should be on a Tran, specifically Theo, who is currently the overwhelming chip leader with 1,884,000 in chips. J.C., of course, is always a threat as well, but given his significantly smaller stack of 273,000, one has to believe that this event is Theo's to win or lose.

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