WASSUP '08: Eugene Todd "Tran" "Bro" Makes Final Table
June 12, 2021
That's right kid, PokerRoad's own Eugene Todd "Bro" has made it all the way to the final table in Event #19 of the 2008 World Series Of Poker, the $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha. Todd will start the day with 127,000 in chips, good for fifth place out of nine. The chip leader of the event is poker professional Vanessa Selbst who currently holds almost 50% of the chips in play and nearly ten times more than Eugene Todd. So sick, bro.

Proud East Coast professional, Eugene Todd, hopes to follow in the footsteps of fellow New Yorkers Svetlana Gromenkova and Andrew Brown, both of whom recently claimed WSOP bracelets. To do so he is going to have to find a way to best Selbst in a game that in his own words, he's not exactly a master of:

"The sick part is I don't know what the f@%k I'm doing man, hahaha, so sick, I don't even know. I swear to you, I mean... I know how to play hold'em so um, obviously the game is, you know, the rules are the same, you still gotta make a hand, and uh basically your just playing with four cards."
-Eugene Todd Bro.
Smoke Break Video Journal, June 11th, 2008.

Given Eugene Todd's admitted lack of experience, he has had to somewhat learn as he goes through this event and he credits, among others, Nam Le for crucial help and advice. However, now that their down to nine, it's all on Eugene Todd ... Bro.

The $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Final Table is set to begin at 2pm, Pacific Time.

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