WASSUP '08: OMG A Bracelet!
June 17, 2021
The final table for Event #28, $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha w/Rebuys, featured some of the most successful and well known players in poker such as Negreanu, Chan, Hellmuth, Juanda, and Benyamine. Yet when heads-up play began, incredibly, it was Adam Hourani taking on Phil Galfond for the golden WSOP bracelet. Galfond entered the final table with the chip lead, so perhaps his deep run could have been expected - but Hourani? Let's just say if this were horse racing, that exacta would have paid huge. In the end, Phil Galfond's big stack prevailed, earning him his first bracelet and forcing Hourani to settle for 2nd. Certainly second place is always disappointing, but given the players he was sitting with and the fact that when entered as the second shortest stack, Hourani's second place finish is remarkable and well deserving of the $493,748 second place prize.

Our newest WSOP champion, Phil Galfond, is perhaps a new name to some, but his online handle, "OMGClayAiken," shouldn't be. Phil can often be seen playing the biggest online cash games and often trouncing them. Phil is still young and somewhat new to live tournament poker, but if this $817,781 first place finish is any indication, perhaps soon Galfond's face will be as feared at live tables as, "OMGClayAiken's" avatar is at virtual ones.

As for all the big stories surrounding the big names at this final table, not much has changed. Hellmuth still has 12 WSOP bracelets. Chan is still right behind him at 11 and Benyamine is still hoping for his first. Negreanu still has four, yet he seemed pretty happy, as he was able to take seventh for $123,437, putting him comfortably in the black for this tournament, after admittedly dropping $85,000 in buy-ins and rebuys during the ridiculous Day 1.

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