WASSUP '08: Another Amazing Lineup For Event #33
June 19, 2021
The final table for the $5,000 Stud Hi/Low World Championship has finally been determined after a grueling 16 hours of play on day 2. The day began around 3PM yesterday and ended a little after 7AM today, when Howard Lederer busted out in 9th place, ruining any opportunity to hype a sibling rivalry final table as Howard's sister Annie Duke is still very much alive in the tournament and currently 6th in chips.

A WSOP final table with Annie Duke, in a year full of amazing female finishes, would be news worthy of mention on its own. Yet Annie's final table is also packed full of other poker notables, which should only add to the excitement when the tournament resumes today around 5PM. Joining Annie are Bob Lauria, Marcel Luske, Steve Sung, Alessio Isaia, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Bob Beveridge, and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson.

Notable players unfortunate enough to have shared the fate of Howard Lederer included, David Benyamine (10th), Chau Giang (11th), Farzad Rouhani (12th), Allen Cunningham (13th), and PokerRoad's Barry Greenstein (14th).

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