WASSUP '08: Jesus Wept
June 20, 2021
Chris "Jesus" Ferguson made it all the way to heads-up play in event #33 at the World Series Of Poker, the $5,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Low, only to have his sixth bracelet slip through his fingers and onto the wrist of his opponent Sebastian Ruthenberg. Ruthenberg, despite being severely short stacked at numerous time during heads-up play, overcame Ferguson and won the event, $328,756 and his first bracelet.

The final table for event #33 had some of poker's best and brightest including Annie Duke, Marcel Luske, Steve Sung, and of course Ferguson. It also took place during what many are calling the "Year of the Pro," where it seems like only household names are able to win. Despite all this, Germany's Ruthenberg proved himself worthy of the challenge entering Day 3 as the chip leader and finishing the day as it's champion.

"Jesus" didn't actually weep of course - on the contrary, with the class of a champion he quietly stood up, congratulated Ruthenberg, and calmly walked over to another ongoing tournament, where he sat down to his dwindling stack and started up the mountain again. To borrow from Camus... One must imagine Ferguson as happy.

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