WASSUP '08: Flack Wins His Sixth Bracelet
June 25, 2021
In true Layne Flack style, Mr. Back-to-Back ended up being in for so many re-buys in the $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha w/Rebuys that he needed to finish 12 or better out of a starting field of 320 just to break even. Also in classic Layne Flack style, not only did he successfully break into the final 12, but he went on to win the event and take home a first prize worth $577,725.

The final table for Event #34 was filled with many notable players (a common trend in this year's Series) including Jacobo Fernandez, Ted Forrest, and Tim West. Of those three, Fernandez went the furthest, finishing in third for $222,659 - his fifth WSOP cash in 2008.

Despite the difficult competition and entering the final table second to last in chips, Layne by all accounts dominated the final table. He successfully grabbed the chip lead after only a few hours of play and then walked away with the title in impressive form. With this win, Layne won his sixth WSOP bracelet (putting him the top 10 all time), his first since 2003.

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