Hot Chips! - Tiffany Michelle Tearing Up the Main Event
July 13, 2021
Well, not all rooting interest is lost in this year's Main Event for those of us here at PokerRoad; Tiffany Michelle (Video Hostess for and friend of PokerRoad) is very much alive and healthy heading into today's 6th day of play.

Tiff ended Day 5 with 3.8 Million in chips, good for third place out of the remaining 79 players. She has also attained the distinction of the last female player remaining in the field, a somewhat frivolous distinction and certainly paling in comparison to what she's proven by making 50 hours of good poker decisions and outlasting most of the top pros in the game. Everyone here at PokerRoad are hoping her incredible run continues and she'll be needing to clear her November calender.

You can check out Tiffany's videos, as well as PokerRoad's Amanda Leatherman, at
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