PokerNews vs. Tiffany Michelle
July 16, 2021
On July 14th, shortly after Tiffany Michelle busted out in 17th in the Main Event, becoming highest finishing woman ever (by percentage of field outlasted), PokerNews issued a release stating their displeasure with the way Tiffany handled her sponsorship deal with Ultimate Bet.

PokerNews feels that they had acquired exclusive rights for Tiffany to promote their site, or at the very least, the right to be included in any negotiations Tiffany had with other companies.

PokerNews stated that they are looking into legal avenues to possibly recoup damages, and that they are also severing ties with Ultimate Bet, who has come under intense scrutiny lately over their admitted cheating scandal.

To read the whole statement from PokerNews click here.

To hear Tiffany's side of the story click here to check out Tiffany on PokerRoad Radio.
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