The US Continues To Welch On Antigua
July 21, 2021
After even more recent discussions between US representatives and Antiguan officials, there is still no clear indication on how the US plans to resolve its conflict with Antigua regarding its recent loss in a World Trade Organization dispute involving internet gambling.

The judgment of the case rewarded Antigua $21 million annually, due to the US's unfair internet gambling laws (i.e. the UIGEA). However, despite much talking and debate, the US seems to be no closer to paying its debt to the small island nation, which could possibly force Antigua into drastic action.

The WTO rewarded Antigua the unheard of right to collect it's $21 million by ignoring US copyrights if necessary. If done, this could have far reaching effects on US corporations, the World Trade Organization, and the overall global economy. Antigua thus far has chosen not to exercise this right.

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