GSN's High Stakes Poker Lives!
July 24, 2021
Poker fans have reason to rejoice; the beloved and highly-rated "High Stakes Poker" has just been picked up for a fifth season! Despite its popularity, the future of "High Stakes Poker" had been in doubt for some time now, and it was widely feared by many that GSN (the Game Show Network) planned not to pick up their option for another season. These fears only intensified recently with the announcement that the "World Poker Tour" had moved from GSN to Fox Sports Net, lending credence to the unsubstantiated rumors that certain GSN executives just plain don't like poker. These rumors now appear to be untrue, especially given Jennifer Minezaki's (GSN's Director of Public Relations) recent press statement confirming the "High Stakes Poker" renewal while at the same time making a point to mention that GSN, "continues to enjoy poker on its air."

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