FIDPA Seeks Worldwide Unity
July 25, 2021
Poker, more than ever, is a global game. This is a fact that can make being a professional tournament rounder exceedingly exciting, while at the same time ultimately frustrating. Nearly every poker tournament around the globe follows different rules and procedures. Professional poker players Marcel Luske and Michelle Lau are aiming to ease this frustration by creating the Federation Internationale de Poker Association (FIDPA), an organization dedicated to creating unified rules of play for all poker tournaments.

Recently, FIDPA unveiled their rules and already they're getting noticed by numerous casinos and have been adopted by the Bellagio. FIDPA's International Poker Rules (IP Rules) contain 80 policies, rules, and procedures, which FIDPA hopes will become the standard for tournament play around the world. The IP Rules do not compete against the 40 current Tournament Directors Association rules; on the contrary theyn incorporate them fondly, seemingly hoping to work with the TDA to make all poker tournaments better.

It should be noted that FIDPA encourages tournament creativity, having no problem with individual casinos modifying or adding to the IP Rules, as long as tournament directors make note of these changes before the start of play. Ideally, with the worldwide adoption of FIDPA's IP Rules, all players will need to read before entering any tournament is the line on the form that states, "this tournament is endorsed by FIDPA and follows all official IP Rules."

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