Tokwiro Talking about Their Troubles
July 29, 2021
On Friday, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was given the results of Tokwiro Enterprises' internal investigation of the Ultimate Bet cheating scandal - Tokwiro Enterprises is the parent company of Ultimate Bet. With the results, Tokwiro Enterprises also released a statement concerning this investigation.

In the highly detailed statement, Tokwiro enterprises announced that 19 accounts and 88 different screennames had been identified as being involved in a scheme to cheat players by utilizing software that was able to view hole cards. This scheme, which incorporated UB servers, dated back to early 2005. Tokwiro reiterated in their statement, that this illicit activity therefore began well before Tokwiro Enterprises bought the company and that they are aggressively pursuing legal means to compensate the company for it's losses as a result. Tokwiro promised future public statements, once these legal avenues had been fully explored.

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