Pennsylvania Uses Poker To Hassle Heroes
August 1, 2021
The ongoing saga between Larry Burns and the state of Pennsylvania has just gotten a little more interesting. Burns has been fighting the state for some time now over poker tournaments he ran in a fire station in Seward, PA, in order to raise funds for the Westmoreland County Fire Department. According to state officials, the games were illegal due to local gambling statues; however, Burns has challenged the charges. Burns and his attorney argue that certain laws specific to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania state that poker is not 'gambling' and therefore the unlawful gambling laws do not apply to Burns and his games. Needless to say, state officials disagree with them on this point.

Despite Burns' legal challenges, the Pennsylvania state attorney general has continued its ongoing case by filing a petition to seize over $40,000, the alleged results of the games. $9,000 of the $40,000 was seized during the original raids; however, the other $31,000 has not yet been taken. According to state officials, the Westmoreland County Fire Department must now give up this money.

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