The Government Takes A Rake From Bodog, According to Forbes
August 1, 2021
In the past six months, according to an article on, the US government has seized over $24 Million in funds from Bodog. The funds were taken from five separate banks, which the government claims were being used to cover operations and pay US-based customers of Bodog, according to Forbes. However, according to recent statements from the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (which controls Bodog), this story is factually misleading and oftentimes "simply false."

Alwyn Morris, CEO of Morris Mohawk, has released a statement explaining the circumstances surrounding the $24 million in question. Although he confirms money was seized, he is quick to clarify that much of the taken money was not Bodog-specific, and despite what the article may say, much of it were not funds on account for Bodog.

Morris released the statement, not only to clear up false impressions (which the company believes the Forbes article created), but perhaps more importantly to assure Bodog customers that their deposits and withdrawals are as always, safe and secure.
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