GARFIELD25 Takes The FTOPS Lasagna
August 7, 2021
The first event of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series IX attracted 5,779 players and created a total prize pool of $1,155,800, nearly $200,000 more than its posted guarantee. This meant the eventual winner of the $200+16 event would be assured almost 1000 times what they paid to enter it.

After more than nine hours of play, that $199,398.63 first prize was sitting in the account of "GARFIELD25," who was able to defeat "dorinvandy" heads-up, despite entering heads-up play down over 2-1. For the second place finish, "dorinvandy" won $120,781.10.

The final table finish positions for the FTOPS IX Event #1 were as follows:

1st GARFIELD25- $199,398.62
2nd dorinvandy- $120,781.10
3rd daisybyrd- $77,669.76
4th cryyss- $60,679.50
5th RiverJazz- $45,654.10
6th Mr_Bond222- $34,096.10
7th acedel15- $26,583.40
8th mpuskad3- $20,226.50
9th monopolyguy845- $15,025.40

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