888 Holdings Grows, No Thanks To Poker
August 7, 2021
The second quarter earnings report has been announced for 888 Holdings, the home of Pacific Poker, and despite Pacific Poker's earnings actually declining, the company as a whole saw positive growth. According to a financial report that was issued this week, 888 Holdings grew 4% from last quarter and 33% from last year. This growth was primarily fueled by 888's sportsbook, casino, and it's new bingo operation, which grew 376%.

A spokesman for 888 Holdings attributed the poor performance of their poker division to its competition with the 2008 Euro Football Championship and is unconcerned with it's unimpressive second quarter. Given Pacific Poker's strong showing in July 2008, 888 CEO Gigi Levy is confident that the 888 Holdings poker division will make a strong comeback in the third quarter.

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