WPTE Earnings Report May Force Changes
August 8, 2021
World Poker Tour Enterprises, Inc. did about as well as anyone expected last quarter, which is somewhat unfortunate. According to WPTE's most recent earnings report, the company posted a $3.9 million loss for the second quarter. Analysts expected the losing quarter due to the World Poker Tour's recent network shift and their heavy investments in China; however, there was some surprise by its still under-performing online gaming business.

The WPTE's second quarter revenue for online gaming was at $298,000, only $38,000 more than last year's second quarter when the site was first re-launced with Cryptologic software. Due to this and other indicators, WPTE representatives admitted that the current online gaming model needs to be reexamined.

However, there are also many bright spots on WPTE's horizon. Besides their highly exciting China venture, the company is also currently directing much of it's focus on, a subscription based way for gamers to play poker online, which has the advantage of being completely legal in the US. shows significant promise already, and with a new television production on FSN planned to promote it, World Poker Tour Enterprises seems very optimistic with where their company is headed.

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