BetOnSports Marketers Plead Guilty
August 11, 2021
Three employees of BetOnSports, a sportsbook that serviced US customers, have pled guilty to charges ranging from interstate transportation of gambling paraphernalia to transmission of wagering information. With the guilty pleas, the government has agreed to drop all other charges - including pending charges on a fourth employee, Monica Lenis.

The three employees - William "Bill" Hernan Lenis, William "Will" Luis Lenis, and Manny Lenis - were all family members who were primarily involved in internet marketing for BetOnSports. According to Bill Lenis's attorney, Alan Ross, the Lenis family had nothing to do with anything other than marketing and were never involved in the actual day to day operations of BetOnSports.

The Lenis family were the first three employees of BetOnSports to accept guilty pleas; however more may follow, as other government cases are currently pending.

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