Jose Miguel Espinar Captures LAPT Crown
August 11, 2021
Jose Miguel Espinar, after studying poker for only a year, took down the PokerStars Latin America Poker Tour Punta del Este championship. Espinar beat out 350 other players to win the $241,735 first prize. This was his first major tournament cash.

Alex Brenes, brother of Humberto, took 2nd in the event despite entering the final table fifth in chips. For the second place finish Alex earned $126,625.

The final table finish positions for the 2008 LAPT Punta del Este championship were as follows:

1st. Jose Miguel Espinar- $241,735
2nd. Alex Brenes- $127,675
3rd. Lisandro Gallo- $93,630
4th. Alexandre Gomes- $68,100
5th. Gylbert Drolet- $51,070
6th. Sidney Chreem- $34,045
7th. Juan Jose Perez- $25,535
8th. Paulo Cesar Ribeiro- $17,025

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