Ziggy Plays The Stars
August 12, 2021
Daniel "ziggy47" Bokesh took down the Sunday Million last weekend, earning himself $182,438. The Sunday Million attracted 8,236 players and created a total prize pool of $1,647,200.

Bokesh's win did not come easily, as he entered the final table with less than one million in chips (881,147). The average stack at the table was 9,151,111, and "ziggy47" had less than a tenth of that average and 22,462,525 less than the final table chip leader, "ohhaaahhh." Not exactly, "a chip and a chair" but awfully close to it, "ziggy47" had less than ONE PERCENT of the chips in play.

Fortune smiled on "ziggy47" in the beginning of the final table and awarded him with a quick triple up, which the skilled and highly experienced Bokesh was somehow able to parlay into an overall win, eventually knocking out "puntnko" in second place for $151,283.

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