Teltscher "Voids" Her Case Against PokerStars
August 12, 2021
According to a recent announcement from PokerStars, Natalie Teltscher (sister of EPT Barcelona runner-up Mark Teltscher) has formally withdrawn her case seeking reimbursement for the money she lost when her online account, "TheVOid", was disqualified after taking first place, in the 2007 WCOOP Main Event.

Initially, the British Teltscher, was hoping to win back the $1,228,330.50 that she felt was unfairly taken from her, by taking the matter to an Isle of Man court and alleging "wrongful disqualification." However, these hopes were soon dashed when she was forced to admit in court that she hadn't personally played in the event and had instead leant "TheVOid" account to an "agent" to play for her. This admission showed a clear violation of the PokerStars rules of use, and pretty much shut the door on any possible chance of reimbursement.

With Teltscher's admission and subsequent withdrawal, PokerStars announced they feel vindicated in the the fair and efficient way they handled this potentially embarrassing situation.

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