The FTOPS Main Event
August 18, 2021
After 12 hours of play, the last two players of a 4,880 person field began the final battle for the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Main Event Title. These last two players, "valleyho" and "dubbeemin," were fighting for a first prize worth $432,400 (the biggest chunk of the $2,500,000 guaranteed prize pool), not to mention the prestige of taking down an event which nearly every Full Tilt Poker pro took a shot at winning.

When heads-up play began, "dubbeemin" had a substantial chip lead and "valleyho" needed to double up quick or go home. Remarkably, "valleyho" did just that a few hands in, when he went all-in pre flop with two eights and turned another to beat his opponent's pocket 10's. One more double up like that and "valleyho" would go from desperately short to chip leader. Unfortunately for him, that was as close as he was getting. Just a few hands later, when the flop came 976 with two clubs, "valleyho" decided to push all-in with the King-Ten of clubs, amazingly getting called by "dubbeemin" and his Jack-Queen of clubs. In truly great shape, all "valleyho" had to sweat was a Jack or a Queen and he'd have the lead, but that proved easier said then done. A Jack on the river sealed his fate. That cruel Jack gave "dubbeemin" the golden FTOPS jersey, the title, and nearly a half million bucks for his Full Tilt account. It gave "valleyho" second place and a still impressive $262,500.

The final table finish positions for the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Main Event were as follows:

1st. dubbeemin- $432,400
2nd. valleyho- $262,500
3rd. TheTotalPkg- $170,000
4th. Pokerguru19- $132,500
5th. sckilla- $100,000
6th. hemlock1313- $75,000
7th. tvcsa- $57,500
8th. aaaFRANCESCOzzz- $43,750
9th. TiltinShoes- $32,500

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