PokerStars Sunday Million: A Case Study
August 19, 2021
With all the excitement of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series wrapping up last weekend, it would be easy to forget about the big Sunday tournaments over at PokerStars. Luckily for PokerStars, their players didn't seem to have this problem. Although it's true that the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up didn't quite reach its guarantee, the $1.5 million guaranteed PokerStars Sunday Million still easily met it's mark. 7,651 players signed up for the Sunday Million, creating a total prize pool of $1,530,200 and a first prize worth $187,449.50.

PokerStars is somewhat known for their deals at their big event final tables, so the odds were against any one player actually earning the nearly $200,000 first prize. Sure enough, and even earlier than normal, a deal was discussed that would involve all nine players that made the final table. This extreme case was unacceptable to two of the nine players, so the controversial idea was abandoned. Once the tournament played down to the final five, a deal was struck which guaranteed the chip leader at the time, "RBC," at least $121,197 and the short stack, "OCTAGONS," at least $83,907. This deal turned out to be a brilliant idea for "RBC", as a bad run saw him out in fourth, where he earned almost $60,000 more than he would have if no deal were made.

The eventual winner of the event, "Gunslinger3," was the one most hurt by the deal as he earned $140,921 for the first place win, more than $45,000 less than he would have earned without it. Overall, the event made for a fascinating example of the pros and perils of final table deal making, which would have been even more instructional if all nine players had agreed to the deal that was proposed, when the final table first got under way.

The actual pay outs for the final table of the PokerStars Sunday Million were as follows:

1st. Gunslinger3- $140,921.00
2nd. M.nosbocaJ- $89,013.00
3rd. OCTAGONS- $88,441.00
4th. RBC- $121,197.00
5th. bastinho06- $88,441.00
6th. x-13- $39,020.10
7th. Neab- $26,778.50
8th. exomil- $17,597.30
9th. Octavian_C- $10,711.40

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