TOMORROW! - Negreanu and Bonomo to Hit PokerRoad Airwaves
August 21, 2021
PokerRoad is excited for the launch of a new radio show geared exclusively toward strategy talk.

Over the time that we've been producing radio, there has been one thing that listeners are constantly craving - more strategy talk! Well, those prayers have been answered. PokerRoad will be launching a new show featuring Daniel Negreanu and Justin Bonomo in the coming weeks.

Daniel and Justin are regarded as two of the top tournament players in the world, but will bring greatly different insights on the game as Daniel has always has been lauded for his exceptional "feel" play, while Justin has no problem calling himself a "math player."

Scott Huff, the show's host, says "We want it to be as interactive as possible. We're going to take lots of listener questions and hopefully help as many people as we can."

The first four episodes will be recorded on August 22nd from 2-7pm PST. To get your questions in, email or call 866-925-8255 during recording hours.

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