Republicans Surprise The PPA
August 27, 2021
The million-member-strong Poker Players Alliance scored a surprising victory yesterday, when the Republican Platform Committee decided to remove anti-online gambling language from an early draft of their platform.

The PPA had been highly vocal recently, encouraging people to contact the Committee in an attempt to get this language changed, yet even the most ardent supporters weren't expecting this kind of success.

For the last eight years, Republicans have had an anti-internet gambling plank in their platform, which many believed could not be removed do to the GOP's need to appease the religious right. Yet despite this perceived futility, numerous poker players still went to the Republican Party's web site and attempted to persuade their party to reconsider their current position. Amazingly, these impassioned letters, and the news and attention they created, seems to have the desired effect. At the moment, all anti-online gambling language has been edited out of the proposed platform.

PPA executives seem happy with what they've been able to help accomplish so far but also seem to believe there is much more work to be done. The final language of the GOP Platform has not yet been decided and anti-online gambling language may very well return. Poker players and internet freedom advocates are being highly encouraged to continue the work by visiting, and voicing their opinions.

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