Townsend Apologizes For Multiaccounting
August 29, 2021
Brian Townsend, respected high stakes cash game player and Manager of, shocked many recently when he admitted in his blog to using multiple accounts both on Full Tilt Poker and on PokerStars.

Most online sites, including Full Tilt and PokerStars, have specific rules in their "Terms of Service" against single players having multiple accounts, rules which Townsend knowingly violated. The full results of his announcement have not yet been realized, but already FullTilt Poker has decided to suspend Townsend's status as a red sponsored pro for the next six months.

In Brian's blog, entitled "My Apology," Townsend explained his actions as stemming from a need for "anonymity," particularly when his pride would conflict with his personal bankroll management rules (which have recently necessitated that he move down levels). Townsend, a long time winning online player, was wise enough to follow his rules but also felt some embarrassment knowing many were watching him do so. It should be noted that according to Townsend, he never used the accounts at the same table or in the same tournament to collude or cheat players (which is what most think of when they hear the term multiaccounting).

Along with the formal apology, which can be found at, Townsend also plans to donate $25,000 to charity as a sign of "good faith" to those he's wronged and to prove his determination not to "partake in this type of activity in the future."

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