Sabat Takes Down APPT Macau
September 8, 2021
If the Asian Pacific Poker Tour Macau Main Event final table had been a horse race, you would have to say American Edward Sabat ran it with near textbook perfection. Sabat entered the final table in the classic stalker position, second in chips and drafting behind the chip leader Diwei Huang. Sabat was able to maintain that position, at or near the front of the pack, the whole race until the end where he surged ahead of the last horse, Charles Chua, for the APPT title and a purse worth $453,851.

The APPT final table was truly an international affair, with nine separate nations represented out of the nine final players. Besides American Sabat, there was So Myung Sim from South Korea, Tian Chen from China, Jeppe Drivsholm of Denmark, Mikael Rosen of Sweden, Englishmen Javed Abrahams, Diwei Huang from Singapore, Charles Chua of Malaysia and local favorite Kuok Wai Will Cheong proudly representing Macau. Of all these players, it was Chua that gave Sabat the most trouble, finally bowing out in second place for $291,871.

For the complete list of the APPT Macau final table finish positions please see below:

1st. Edward Sabat- $453,851
2nd. Charles Chua- $291,871
3rd. Diwei Huang- $153,984
4th. Mikael Rosen- $108,600
5th. Jeppe Drivsholm- $81,044
6th. Kuok Wai Will Cheong- $56,730
7th. Tian Chen- $42,143
8th. Javed Abrahams- $30,797
9th. So Myung Sim- $22,692

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