The Massive WCOOP Event #6
September 10, 2021
The World Championship Of Online Poker has been underway for less than a week, and already there have been some huge payouts. Online player "Mary 717" won Event #7 for $71,730; "cwp394" won Event #3 for $73,385; and "shane147" took down the first event of the series for an outstanding $200,856. Yet all of those prizes were easily eclipsed by Event #6, a $500+30 No-Limit Hold 'em tournament, which attracted 7,351 entrants, created a prize pool of $3,675,500, and awarded a first prize of $452,085.50. Event #6 was so large in fact, that organizers had little choice but to turn it into a two day event.

Eventually, the event was taken down by online player "Calvin32," who earned the nearly half million dollar first prize by defeating "Solovka" heads-up with apparently no deal in place.

The final table results for the PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker Event #6 were as follows:

1st. Calvin32- $452,085.50
2nd. Solovka- $306,169.15
3rd. Roland_NL- $205,828
4th. adonislee- $169,073
5th. cassie13- $132,318
6th. DUBBZZ- $95,563
7th. Ben "randomcrayon" Barrows- $64,321.25
8th. Yo Burger- $42,268.25
9th. Papio Papio- $25,728.50

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