Nam Le, The APPT's #1 High Roller
September 10, 2021
Nam Le Has taken down the Asia Pacific Poker Tour High Rollers tournament. Le bested a very tough final table that held among others, Quinn Do, David Steicke, and WSOP Main Event Champion Johnny Chan, to walk away with the top prize worth $474,358.

Le entered the APPT High Rollers final table with less than half the chips of Andrew Scott and only about a quarter of the chips of table leader David Steicke. Despite his reputation as one of the toughest tournament players in the world, he wasn't exactly the favorite. Things didn't seem to improve that much either. By the dinner break, Le was the shortest stack of the five still alive and down to fumes with only a few big blinds left in front of him. Of course you don't have to be Treetop Straus to know things aren't over til they're over, and to paraphrase Kevin Bacon in Quicksilver, Le had a better second half.

After the dinner break Le seemed to be able to do no wrong, he quickly doubled up, twice, and then busted former chip leader David Steicke. Le went from having a bulls eye on his back to being without a doubt one of the most feared players at the table, and with the momentum with him, it was just a matter of time before he was battling Andrew Scott heads-up for the crown, eventually beating him when he flopped pair of kings.

Nam Le can now add an APPT High Rollers title to his already impressive resume that includes a WPT victory and over $4 million dollars in tournament cashes.

The final table results for the APPT Macau High Rollers tournament are as follows:

1st. Nam Le- $474,358
2nd. Andrew Scott- $269,230
3rd. Quinn Do- $153,384
4th. Charles "The Chuck Truck" Chua- $115,384
5th. David Steicke- $89,743
6th. Wei Will Ma- $64,102
7th. Johnny Chan- $51,282
8th. Ivan Tan- $38,461
9th. Van Marcus- $25,641

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