Pokerstars on Mac !!!!!!!!
September 12, 2021
Historically, it's not always easy being a Mac person - especially when you also love internet poker. In fact, it wasn't so long ago when it was close to impossible to be both an Apple user and a successful online poker player.

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Apple lovers are traditionally fiercely loyal, some would even say cult-like, in their devotion to their computers, so it was a bitter pill for many to swallow when they inevitably realized that they were probably going to have to buy PCs in order to really play competitively on the best internet poker sites. Some of them bit the bullet, swallowed their pride, and did just that, but deep down many had the same thought and impossible dream, "some day all the big sites will be Mac compatible, and I can stop using this unwieldy thing."

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Well my friends, at the risk of sounding overly dramatic, today our dreams have come true. Following in the glorious footsteps of Full Tilt Poker, and after months of beta testing, PokerStars now has a fully functional version of it's software for the Mac. That's right, the two biggest poker sites that still accept U.S. players, FullTilt Poker and PokerStars, are now both completely Mac compatible! Gone are the days of PC emulators, faulty Java applications, limited beta versions or playing on sites no one's ever heard of. Apple users can now finally, truly, join the game they love.

Now if they only made Mac compatible PokerTracker.

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