Vegas Still Feeling Financial Woes
September 16, 2021
The Nevada Gaming Control board recently released their monthly report for July, and again the numbers show a state which is being highly effected by the deeply troubled U.S. economy. According to the report, gaming revenues were 12.97% lower in July of 2008 compared to July of 2007, with most major areas of the state showing significant decreases. Clark County in particular seems to be having a very bad summer thus far; strip revenues are down 14.67%, downtown Las Vegas posted a drop of 16.39%, and Mesquite was down a shocking 32.42%.

A large part of the issue seems to be that fewer and fewer people are choosing to fly to Las Vegas. Since the start of 2008, air traffic into Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport has been down 4%, with July decreases double that at 8.6%. As a result, major airlines like U.S. Airways are cutting back on flights there. In fact, the current situation at McCarran could be seen as symptomatic of the state's issues as a whole. The airport is in the midst of a huge, expensive expansion, to make room for customers that are no longer coming.

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