Full Tilt Pro Investigates An "Exe" File
September 18, 2021
Red FullTilt Pro, Peter Jepsen, narrowly avoided becoming a victim of cyber criminals recently, when he sniffed out a plot to potentially steal his online poker account information.

Jepsen had been in the midst of an ongoing e-mail correspondence with people claiming to be representatives from a Swedish TV production company (OTW Media), in hopes of appearing on the company's poker show, "The Game." After numerous e-mails everything appeared normal, until the company asked him to download a PDF file with information on the production that was strangely labeled as an ".exe" file (i.e. an executable program). Luckily for Jepsen, he knew enough about computers to become suspicious, investigated the file, and discovered it contained a "trojan" virus which could have accessed enough sensitive information to put his online poker money at risk. Jepsen reported the incident and contacted the real OTW, who immediately began an investigation of their own.

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