"F.L.O.G." Crushes Borgata Open Final Table
September 19, 2021
Vivek "Psyduck" Rajkumar (aka "FLOG" for Favorite Little Online Guy) efficiently took down the World Poker Tour's Borgata Poker Open Final Table yesterday, earning himself his first WPT title and a first prize worth $1,424,500. Rajkumar won the Borgata title after only 48 hands, in what is now being reported as "the quickest final table in World Poker Tour history," according to reports at

Rajkumar paid a short visit to PokerRoad Radio on the eve of the final table as the guys were opening fortune cookies for each of the final table participants. Rajkumar was jovial when handed his fortune that said "You may lose the small ones, but win the big ones." He brought the fortune with him to the final table, and it proved to be true as Rajkumar won all the big pots in route to a big WPT win.

The final table pay out positions for the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open were as follows:

1st. Vivek "Psyduck"/"F.L.O.G." Rajkumar- $1,424,500
2nd. Sang Kim- $750,000
3rd. Dan Heimiller- $387,500
4th. Jason Strochak- $337,500
5th. Mark Seif- $287,500
6th. Andrew Knee- $237,500

For more information on the Borgata Poker Open Final Table, check out, for chip counts, news, updates, and video's with PokerRoad's own Amanda Leatherman.
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