Weekend Online Tourneys Provide Unexpected Value
September 30, 2021
Attendance was down over the weekend for both the FullTilt Poker $750K Guarantee and the PokerStars Sunday Million. This meant entrants in these marquee events were gifted big overlays and added value for their entry fees. The PokerStars Sunday Million (which actually has a guarantee of $1.5 Million) missed their guarantee by nearly $80,000 and the FullTilt $750K missed theirs by nearly $60,000.

Despite the smaller attendance, the winners of these events still made out like bandits. Online player "waffle1215" earned $132,787.50 for winning the FullTilt event and even more impressive, online player "Tuffy Cat" earned $184,500 for his $215 investment on PokerStars.

For the full Final Table results of these two big events, see below:

Full Tilt Poker $750K Guarantee

1st. waffle1215- $132,787.50
2nd. DukeTheDude- $80,250
3rd. TheCloserX5- $52,500
4th. WhitneyHouston1- $41,400
5th. dubbybub2002- $31,050
6th. Baumerball- $23,025
7th. Reinders- $17,250
8th. flymaxx- $13,500
9th. bigtoe2227- $10,050

PokerStars Sunday Million

1st. Tuffy Cat- $184,500
2nd. AceBonG- $124,950
3rd. londanuk- $84,000
4th. SantiagoRain- $69,000
5th. Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald- $54,000
6th. hustln_ps- $39,000
7th. agiletto- $26,250
8th. WatchOutSir- $17,250
9th. Daniel "amichaiKK" Makowsky- $10,500

In a troubled economic world, why not do like these players did and invest your money wisely (i.e. somewhere where it has a chance of growing). Join FullTilt Poker or PokerStars by clicking here.

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