Senator Menendez Wants To License Internet Poker
October 1, 2021
New Jersey State Senator Robert Menendez (D) has proposed a new law that would, if passed, officially clear up the murky state of internet poker in the US. The new bill, S. 3616 the Internet Skill Game Licensing and Control Act, specifically defines internet poker as a game of skill and purposes a system of governmental oversight that would license and regulate it as a legal game in the US.

This new bill seems careful to avoid certain pitfalls which have hampered other skill game initiatives previously brought up in the House. For instance, S. 3616 clearly defines sports betting as not a game of skill and allows for certain states and tribes to be exempt from the bill, if their current laws differ from the federal government's in terms of internet gaming. The law also sets high technology standards to prevent fraud, abuse and underage gambling.

Menendez's well designed bill owes some thanks to the Poker Players Alliance which reportedly played a role in it's creation, so it is not surprising that in a recent statement the PPA applauded the Senators new bill and currently seems to wholeheartedly endorse it.

"...Senator Menendez's bill is an exciting new development and a welcome legislative proposal of which millions of American poker players can be proud."
-Poker Players Alliance.

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