EPT London Taken Down By Martin
October 6, 2021
The European Poker Tour London main event wrapped up over the weekend and it looks like an American will be bringing the big prize back over the pond. 24 year-old Michael Martin bested a tough final table that included Eric Liu, Alan Smurfit, Johannes Strassmann, Antony Lellouche and Michael Tureniec, to earn the title and a first prize worth ?1,000,000 (over $1,700,000 USD).

The Final Table finish positions for the EPT London were as follows:

1st. Michael Martin- ?1,000,000
2nd. Michael Tureniec- ?525,314
3rd. Martin Horecki- ?303,439
4th. Eric Liu- ?234,920
5th. Philippe D'Auteuil- ?195,766
6th. Alan Smurfit- ?153,351
7th. Johannes Strassmann- ?120,723
8th. Antony Lellouche- ?81,569

Story By Mark Anderson
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