Caveman Crushes Canada's Day 2 Competition
October 14, 2021
Day 2 of the the World Poker Tour North American Poker Championship saw an impressive list of 275 top players reduced down to 99 and sitting at the top of that list at the day's end, was none other than PokerRoad Radio's Gavin "The Caveman" Smith. After his successful day, Gavin will begin Day 3 with 405,900 in tournament chips, 23,000 more than his closest competitor Matt Matros, and significantly more than the average which currently sits around 140,000.

Day 2 in general had been kind to PokerRoaders, with Barry, Joe and "The Flog" (Vivek Rajkumar) all still alive and fighting to catch their friend Gavin. That being said, sadly there were quite a few friends of PokerRoad Radio that were not so lucky, including Bill Edler, John Phan, Theo Tran, Bill Gazes and Daniel Negreanu - none of whom were able to survive the day's many wild swings.

With Gavin's impressive stack, it appears at the moment that he is headed for a very deep run; however, as often happens in these WPT events, there is still plenty of top flight competition hoping to end his run prematurely including Kathy Liebert, Steve Sung, Miami John Cernuto, Sorel Mizzi, Erik Seidel, Mark Karam, J.C. Tran, Steve Paul-Ambrose, Lee Markholt, Mike "Timex" McDonald and "November Nine" member Darus Suharto.

To keep up with Gavin's progress, along with the rest of today's exciting Day 3 action, visit for live updates, chip counts and behind the scenes videos hosted by PokerRoad's Amanda Leatherman.

Story by Mark Anderson
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