FullTilt Introduces "Matrix" Tournaments
October 15, 2021
Early Tuesday morning, when popular online poker site Full Tilt Poker discontinued service for a few hours, longtime players knew from experience that they may be in for exciting new updates to the software. However, no one expected to find a whole new genre of competition - it's not quite a multi-table tournament and not quite a sit-n-go.

The new "Matrix" tournaments on Full Tilt Poker (which can be found under the "Sit & Go" tab) increase the intensity of sit-n-gos by demanding players play four tables simultaneously against the same nine players. Players can win money by coming in the first three spots on any of the four tables and/or by ending up with one of the top three overall "Matrix" scores.

"Matrix" scores are determined by knocking out players (2 points for each "KO"), outlasting players (1 "survival" point) or by winning tables (2 for "finishing first"). The top "Matrix Score" wins the same amount as they would had they beaten a table.

This intriguing new way to play sit-n-gos opens up a whole variety of fascinating questions for online players. For instance, if someone is use to "multitabling" four $15 sit-n-gos, should they enter a $15 "Matrix" tournament, or a $60 regular SNG? What if there bankroll requirements don't allow them to play $60 sit-n-gos, should they not play "Matrix" tournaments, or should they try playing four $15s at once (16 tables at the same time)? What if they enter a $60 "Matrix" tournament figuring it's like "multitabling four $15s, will the competition be at the $15 level or at the $60?

The FullTilt Poker "Matrix" tournaments are brand new, so hopefully these and other questions will be answered in time- assuming the online community embraces this new form of poker competition. However, whether the "Matrix" tournaments are embraced or abandoned, one must still hand it to online poker sites like FullTilt for continuing to innovate, despite already having a large percentage of the online poker market share.

To try the new "Matrix" tournaments, join FullTilt Poker by clicking here.

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