G.Smith Reaches Final Table
October 16, 2021
After a dramatic Day 4 in Canada, only six players remain in the World Poker Tour North American Poker Championship. Scattered among those six are some notable names, including a certain "Caveman" looking to put in end to a dry spell that he's been forced to weather for far too long.

Day 4 of the NAPC began with 27 players all dangerously close to one of poker's ultimate goals - a WPT main event final table. World Poker Tour TV final tables have been known to make poker celebrities out of run of the mill grinders, and everyone playing Day 4 was keenly aware of just how close they were to sitting down in one of those hallowed six chairs.

Play on Day 4 was often tense, as the star studded final 27 made moves and jockeyed for position, and it was not long before the first players of the day began to stand up and walk out of the room. The first of the 21 players felted was none other than "Miami" John Cernuto, a legendary character, who was soon followed by other big names like Pat Pezzin, Jason Potter, Erik Seidel and Vivek "Flog" Rajkumar.

Rajkumar came dangerously close to making history with two WPT wins in a row, but unfortunately came up short when he busted in a disappointing 16th place. The seventhbok of the day was fierce player Matt Matros, who had a great run here in Canada, but was forced to accept 7th place money worth nearly $100,000.

With the elimination of Seidel, "Psyduck" and Matros, all eyes are now focused on a few top players, each with something to prove.

-Kathy Liebert (1,620,000) is the winning-est female poker player ever and the only player of the six to own a WSOP bracelet. However, despite knocking on the door at numerous other WPT events, she has still yet to claim her first WPT title.

-Mark Karam (1,850,000) has played in this WPT event all three times it has been held, and each time he has cashed. Not only has Karam always made the money but twice now he's made the final table! Karam is a highly respected tournament player with over two million dollars in tournament wins, but overall to the general population he's still somewhat unknown - could that change tonight?

-Glen Witmer (3,710,000) is the current chip leader and a local Canadian. Despite his impressive chip lead, most people assume the table will be taken down by one of the top pros, and that Witmer will eventually lose his lead and accept a lower money spot. Witmer would assuredly love to prove them wrong.

-Ryan Fisler (2,285,000) a.k.a. "gotskillz" is the last of the big name internet pros still in the competition. Will he be able to carry the flag for all the multitablers out there who will be following his updates at

-James Trenholm (1,365,000) is the short stack and the feel good story of the final table. This firefighter from Ontario is an amateur player competing in his first ever big buy-in WPT event. Given his stack size and his tough competition he is barely being considered for a deep run, but of course it's never too late to change people's minds.

-Gavin Smith (2,815,000) Okay. So perhaps were biased. But Mr. Smith is set up perfectly to take this thing down.

Currently sitting in second place, Gavin is in a good position to play his favorite style of poker, and will not be forced to just wait for a hand and shove. "Birdguts" Smith was the 2005 WPT Player of the Year and is the only player of the six who already owns a WPT title. Gavin has quite a bit of experience in the WPT format and understands the appropriate times to make moves and to sit back. It also doesn't hurt that "The Caveman" is one of the most popular Canadian poker players of all time, which should make him one of the crowd favorites despite sharing the table with five other Canadians who have surely brought their families and friends to root them on. Gavin is currently playing great poker; he's enthusiastic; he's sober; and he's hungry for a win. Needless to say, many will be quite surprised if he doesn't end up at least heads-up by the end of the 2008 North American Poker Championship.

"At least one of us picked Gavin Smith to win this damn thing!" - G.Smith

The World Poker Tour North American Poker Championship Final table is set to roll at 4 PM Eastern Time. To follow all the action, check out for live updates, photos, chip counts and behind the scenes videos from our own Amanda Leatherman.

Story by Mark Anderson
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