PPA Rates The Congress
October 17, 2021
The Poker Players Alliance, a poker grassroots advocacy group with over 1 million members nationwide, recently announced the creation of their 2008 PPA Congressional Ratings Guide.

This guide, which can be found at, effectively grades every member of congress in regards to their support (or lack thereof) of Americans' poker rights, from an A+ to an F-.

The Guide is an interesting and easy-to-use way to quickly find out how those that represent you view something you care about - BEFORE the upcoming elections. Some of the results may be surprising (et tu Barbara Boxer?).

The grades, in the PPA's official Congressional Ratings Guide, are easily searchable by State or Zip code, and will be modified periodically when Congressional members do something to merit a change. According to PPA Chairman, Senator Alfonse D'Amato, "Our goal is for all Members of Congress to score a grade of A or better."

Unfortunately, after perusing the site for awhile, it becomes painfully apparent to the visitor how much work still needs to be done to make that lofty goal a reality.

BUT YOU CAN HELP! Go to and follow the easy steps to find your representative, and send them a statement about your feelings about the UIGEA and internet poker legislation in general. (There is also a standard form-letter that can be used).

Story by Mark Anderson
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